Hello Punkers,

my name is Andreas. Only one month ago I make this blog. Now 1000 peoples have looked it. Great! I`m happy.  Sorry last post was only in German. Was only because Olsen write it in German but he promise to write next time Englisch. Is much better because our scene is international and Englisch is international language. Is better if everybody can read it in the whole world. Okay, not whole world, only rich world! But still big world, not small world like only German peoples.

Also sorry no photos last time. I was at home and not have time to go to Konzert. Next time you see  somebody take photos at Konzert, say them I want photos! Also photos from little handys is okay. Why not? Better some photos then no photos.

Okay, you understand now. Englisch writing is easy! So, please help me writing this blog.

Also there is many interesting things happen in Berlin. A lot of punkers come to Berlin because they want to see the Berliner punk scene. They need a lot of information. But not only write: I like this, I hate this. Is too boring.  But where can I buy punky records? Where can I eat cheap vegan?  Who is the interesting peoples making diy scene?  What are the punky hardcore bands in Berlin? What political actions are happen? Many, many things about to write …

Okay, see you at the next Konzert

bye, bye



5 Antworten to “Hello Punkers,”

  1. Bill Chapman Says:

    Guten Tag, Andreas

    I am not sure that English is as widespread or useful as people claim. I would like to argue the case for Esperanto as the international language.
    It is a planned language which belongs to no one country or group of states. Take a look at http://www.esperanto.net

    Esperanto works! I’ve used it in a dozen countries over recent years. You can even speak Esperanto in Berlin!

  2. Henry Crudos Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    haha! Nice rendering of the English language there! Perhaps we should make it a must for everyone to write in pidgin so everybody else can understand it and no one must be afraid they’ll be shunned for „improper“ use of the language.

    As for Esperanto, Bill, I’m afraid it’s easier to draw back on languages already learned by most of the internet’s users, i.e. English (the unnofficial official lingo of the web) or Spanish (of which e.g. myself speak only little bits). Of course there are still a lot of people who have no knowledge of English, but how many people would be able to read this if it was in Esperanto you think? Esperanto to my mind has been a well-meant approach to dis-bablify the world but hasn’t really succeeded. I guess one could try to write in the language of logics, which a lot of people would understand intuitively, but then you’d still need single language items (e.g. ATKA = tech-death-grind band AND AMEN 81 = hardcore band; WHILE SOUND < PERFECT AMEN 81 < ATKA; etc. ;-)). English simply is the lingua franca of the academic and internet-ual world, as bad as it imght be in some cases and as questionable as the roots for this fact are.

  3. awesome andreas! finally a page about berlin hc punk!!!!

  4. Hey Andreas, just checking out the blog, which is cool to see a little bit about the Berlin scene, pictures and show´s reviews, I found it through World Burns to Death, I´m a follower, anyway, it´s cool to see that people is doing similar stuff all over the world, by the way you should check out my band at http://www.myspace.com/outlawbastards you may like it, well as I could see you like Skitkids, so that´s why I asume it.

    We are currently recording our first LP, but we have already our 2009 Demo in myspace and in a blog called Crust or Die, in the Mexico section so you can download it…

    Cheers from Tijuana Mexico and hope to play some day over there…

    Jules Bästard…

    • mischalke04 Says:

      Hey Jules,

      thanks for the comment and the links. Outlaw Bastards is awesome! You really are the Skitkids from Tijuana!
      Good luck with the LP and I hope you make it over here some day.

      ¡Mucha suerte!

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