Among Berlin`s many Punk record-stores one really stands out: Real Deal Records. Located in Kreuzberg in the Gneisenaustrasse 60, it is Berlin`s only punk record store that still closely ties punk to the political side of things. Real Deal is a anarchist store that serves as a meeting place, info-store, book-store and of course carries a lot of punk records.

Helmut, who founded the store in 1997, runs the store together with three other punks. Being 60 years old he is most probably Berlin`s oldest punk, the same generation as Charlie Harper and Penny Rimbaud. Or at least the only one who still looks the part. Starting in the 60s, Helmut has spent his whole life surrounded by rock`n`roll and politics and he`s got some wild stories to tell. And of course he was there when punk got started in the 70s and in the middle of the squatters movement of the 80s. But he`s far from nostalgic and very informed about what`s going on today. For example I have yet to meet another punk record-store owner who would enthusiastically rave about the new book about „Undomshuset“, like Helmut did today when I went to the store. He is still very committed to anarchism and I find that really inspiring. In fact so much that I bought the book.

In times where a lot of the traditional political ties to punk have been cut it`s good to see a punk-store that also offers a wide variety of radical leftist magazines, books, posters and videos.

Real Deal Records is open:

Mo-Fr 14:00-20:00

Sa 13:00-17:00

Gneisenaustrasse 60, Kreuzberg, near the „Südstern“ train-station

phone & fax ++49+30+6944806

Their homepage is a little out-dated but the store gets new stuff in all the time: REAL DEAL


Eine Antwort to “REAL DEAL RECORDS”

  1. Rado Skopec Says:

    Hello, Helmut.
    i saw your website. I am interesting in vinyl punk records.
    I was wondering is there any chance to send me your catalogue over an e-mail.
    I would like to order the records over the post to Slovenia.
    Thanx for your reply.

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