LEECH, APE ATTACK, COMMON ENEMY at Subversiv, 09/18/2008

Great hardcore show at Subversiv with a great turn out. Lots of action, circle-pits and sing-a-longs. Finally a new young hardcore scene seems to have developed in Berlin.

Locals APE ATTACK were awsome as usual and seem to get tighter everytime I see them. They have a great demo that you should get too. Fast early 80s hardcore that is over before you can blink an eye.

As usual more and much better photos by Wolli will hopefully appear soon at:


At least I saw Wolli take a lot of photos…


Eine Antwort to “LEECH, APE ATTACK, COMMON ENEMY at Subversiv, 09/18/2008”

  1. fotos dauert noch n paar tage weil ich noch auf welche von nem kumpel warte … hoffe diese woche wird das noch was …

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