SAILA – Punk Dystopia from Berlin- showing at Köpi December 11, 2008!

dsc023531I first saw Julia Ostertag at a I OBJECT show at the Kassiopeia a couple of years ago, but the first time I talked with her was when DROP DEAD played at Köpi last month.  I didn`t know she was a filmmaker. But the Berlin Underground D.I.Y. scene  continues to surprise me because there is just so much talent here.

Now Julia Ostertags new movie will be shown at Köpi December 11.

SAILA is a Underground Punk movie from Berlin shot in guerrilla-style in Friedrichshain. Directed, filmed and produced in true d.i.y. manner by Julia herself and the help of local punks.  A visually and emotionally challenging film with a great soundtrack by  JARBOE, CYRUSS, FILTH OF MANKIND, PHAL: ANGST, FAKE EMPIRE and others. It`s probably the Berlin Punk film right now.

If you care about the Berlin D.I.Y. scene at all you have to see this!

Rriot Girrl Night: Double Feature at Köpi-Kino Peliculoso

21h SAILA- Julia Ostertag Deutschland 2008 94min. engl. OF

Darsteller: Kathryn Fischer, Suzy Rifle, Nicolas Isner, Sandro Piras, Juan de Chamiè u.a.

+ 22.45h A GUN FOR JENNIFER (The fimmakers favorite film) USA 1996 91 min. Rape-revenge Thriller about the adventures of a girl-gang

Thursday, December 11 21h at Köpenicker Str. 173

Eine Antwort zu “SAILA – Punk Dystopia from Berlin- showing at Köpi December 11, 2008!”

  1. hell-o andreas!
    veeery nice that you wrote this announcement!
    well, hopefully we’ll see us there in köpi on the 11th!
    ‚til then…MAXimum R’n’R,

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