DE HOJE HAELE, PRESSGANG at Koma F April 5, 2009

05-04-09-koma-entranceI`ve been hibernating like a chipmunk over the past winter so I haven`t been  going to shows and haven`t produced any new material  besides adding upcoming shows when Mario sent me some info. Now it`s springtime, tons of shows are happening and now I`m busy working. I guess I´ll be kicked out of the scene any time now. Somebody should take over this blog who is more active in the scene. Seriously, if your`re interested let me know.05-04-09-koma-f-posters2

I did however make it to this DE HOJE HAELE/PRESSGANG show. It was DE HOJE HAELES second time at Koma F this year. They played a great set of their Danish brand of Power Pop. Their 7″ on Repo Man Records is tops!

Muenster has some great Punk/Hardcore bands right now, considering that it`s a rather small town. PRESSGANG got the punks moving on this weekday. Great band! I bought their new 7″ on Hardware Records and it smokes!.

I will try to catch more shows in the future. Don`t forget to check the upcoming shows if you scroll further down…

A bunch of  photos of  DE HOJE HAELE (double-click on the images and they will get much bigger):de-hoje-haele-05-04-09-koma-f-1de-hoje-haele-05-04-09-koma-f-2









Und weiter unten noch ein paar Fotos von PRESSGANG ( wie immer doppelklicken und die Bilder werden sehr viel größer):pressgang-05-04-09-koma-f-2pressgang-05-04-09-koma-f05-04-09-koma-f


2 Antworten to “DE HOJE HAELE, PRESSGANG at Koma F April 5, 2009”

  1. hey there!
    do you have anymore pictures of us from the de høje hæle/press gang show? please mail them if you do…thanks
    – ebber/De Høje Hæle

    • mischalke04 Says:

      Sorry, but it took me a little while to get the pictures ready. If I hadn`t at least adjusted some of the lights and contrast they would look like shit. I put all of the shots I took here below the article. If you double-click on the images they will get much bigger and you can save them directly from here.
      I love your music! Thanks for caring.


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