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LOGIC PROBLEM at Koma F , June 28, 2009

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logic-problem-2Logic Problem raged through a super fast  set of early 80´s Hardcore noise on this rather slow Sunday night. I said 80´s but that´s not quite right:  they sounded very fresh and urgent.  Logic Problem had two new 45´s in the bag that I took home and liked very much. Great band!

Sadly most of my photos turned out too small, without any focus and the video  has very very bad sound quality. It´s pure noise. Well, here it is anyway only to give you an idea…

logic-problem-1logic-problem-3logic-problem-4logic-problem-5logic-problem-6logic-problem-7Don´t forget to come and see LIMP WRIST tomorrow at KÖPI!!!

Upcoming Shows!

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flyer 12.7.LAST MINUTE NOTICE!!!



15.07.On Wednesday July 15 at Koma F:

Hardcore renovators LOSER LIFE from Bakersfield on their second European tour, punky Hardcore locals  MINUS APES who´s first 45 is highly expected, Thrashmetalheads RAMMING SPEED from Boston the second time at Koma F, after playing Back Fleck in Potsdam on Monday and before doing Extreme Obcene Fest on the weekend and the Spanish Punkers LA URSS who are taking their new LP on the road.

Four all out great Hardcore and Punk bands at Koma F!!! What more can you ask for..

Remember weekday shows start at 10!

09.07.09-koma-fSwedish Hardcore Punk night on Wednesday July 9th at Koma F. MAKABERT FYND and FREDAG DEN  13:E are going to start blasting at 10 sharply. Don´t be late!

04.07.09-koma-fTomorrow,  Saturday July 4th at Koma F:  SEASICK from New Jersey  and BEYOND PINK from Malmö. Both these girls  and these dudes  play some  very aggressive but nonetheless catchy Hardcore Punk!  Should be an awesome show. Highly recommended.

Sunday June 28  LOGIC PROBLEM from the US and locals  OFF THE HOOK are playing at Koma F.

I´ll be there…Unbenannt

limpwrist.berlinAnd then the big one is coming to town. LIMP WRIST, the single most important Hardcore band of this decade, is finally playing at Köpi on Wednesday July 1.

If you´re into Hardcore and you don´t go see them, then there is no hope for you whatsoever.


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(The Berlin Hardcore scene is awesome right now. Many young faces and a very nice atmosphere. Great turnout for a Tuesday night. A BIT OF BRAINDEAD just released their first 45, as did DISCO VIETNAM and I heard MINUS APES are recording for their their debut too. Looks like a great summer for Berlin Hardcore-Punk…)

Von RAMMING SPEED aus Boston hab ich leider keine Photos, dafür auch nur ein paar gelungene von WASTED TIME und  GOVERNMENT WARNING. Ich war mal wieder viel zu unruhig. Es war aber auch sowas von NICHT ZUM STILLSTEHEN!!!

Dafür nochn kurzes Video von GOVERNMENT WARNING:

Und ein sehr kurzes von WASTED TIME:




Am Freitag 5. Juni spielen SPASTIX ( hört ma rein. Geil!!!), HEADED FOR DISASTER (aus Stockholm) und HENRY FONDA ab 22 Uhr im Koma F. ALL KILLER NO FILLER!!!05.06.09-flyer

Am Samstag 6. Juni  NAILS aus Berlin und SURRENDER aus Oakland im Koma F ab 22 Uhr.06.06.09-flyer

Und am Sonntag 8. Juni HARD CHARGER aus Canada und LINK aus Belgien ab 22 Uhr im Koma F. Volles Hardcore Programm am Wochenende also…08.06.09-flyer

Zuletzt noch der Hinweis das ab 1.Juli alle Konzerte im AGH und in der Köpi PÜNKTLICH um 22 Uhr BEGINNEN werden:ab-1-juli-22-uhr