Attention!!!: Show moved to „Lokal“

ATTENTION!!!: SHOW MOVED TO „LOKAL“ (Rosenthaler Str.71, Berlin-Mitte) auf 2 BÜHNEN (!!!) um „20.00UHR“ mit:

SKRÄCK (HC-Crust/ L.E.) ,  SICK TIMES (Hardcore/ Sachsen),  GEWAPEND BETON (HC-Punk/ NL),  BRAT PACK (HC-Thrash/ NL),  „MxVxDx“ (Crust-Grind/ Berlin),  „Krystal Meth“ (Hardcore/ Berlin) ,  „RoadKillZombies“ (Punkrock/ Berlin),  „Sonic Booze Machine“ (HC-Metal/ Berlin) ,  „Peacebastard“ (Radau/ Berlin)

Das Spektakel wird auf 2 Bühnen stattfinden, dann sind die Pausen zwischen den Bands auch auf das Mininum reduziert.


Social Circkle are one of the best bands of the new early 80´s Hardcore scene. Yes, their retro but so what, they´re fuckin´ragin´. Hope they´re still on fire when they hit Koma F on this their last day of the tour…

Family Man are the best Berlin Hardcore band right now. Intelligent, tight, melodic and they always put on a great show. Plus they are a pretty good-looking bunch… yea, I know you´re too cool to care for these things…

This will probably be the show of the month! Don´t miss…



OUT ON A LIMB from Chemnitz write some really good songs! Their EP on Thrashbastard Records is full of catchy hardcore anthems!

DRAMAMIME share some band members with PRESSGANG and IDLE HANDS but these guys are way more rockin´…

Me like very much!!!

Sounds like a cool show December 4th at Koma F!!!


Eine Antwort to “Attention!!!: Show moved to „Lokal“”

  1. Andi, you are the zauberhaftest guy this city has.

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