Upcoming Shows!

Two Hungarian Hardcore bands Think Again and New Dead Project will be playing at Koma F on Saturday March 13.

And just a few days later on Wednesday another three exellent hardcore bands at Koma F:

fastcore masters LET´S GROW and the more melodic thrashers JAIBO from Belgrade, Serbia are coming to present their brand new Split-LP  out on Thrashbastard records PLUS always awesome locals APE ATTACK.

Lots more shows are due at Koma F in the very near future.


5 Antworten to “Upcoming Shows!”

  1. Damn, any bands that have artwork by Ray Ahn MUST be at least halfway good! I think I’ll be there …

    • mischalke04 Says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. I liked the style, but I didn´t recognize it. And I´m a cartoonist! The first EP and the first three singles of the Hard-Ons are still among my favourite punk cartoon record sleeves. And you´re right, that´s damn cool to have Ray Ahn do their sleeve. I´ll check them out on Thursday.

  2. Yeah, Ray does some amazing stuff, I think he illustrated half of my record collection, ha ha … we actually interviewed him in our zine, if I still have a copy laying about, I’ll bring one along to Koma F for you or something.

  3. mischalke04 Says:

    Wednesday! The show is on Wednesday! See you on Wednesday…

  4. Right on dude …. I’m the tall one with big sideburns and more than likely a Straightjacket Nation shirt on, ha ha …

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