Upcoming Shows!

I´m a little busy right now so here are just some mails I got recently. Thanks for the info, the new distro-store and the shows sound really cool:

Here’s Robert / Refuse Records.
I was checking your blog about Berlin shows. It’s really cool initiative.
I was wondering if you’d be into putting some informations about the shows I’m doing in Berlin. Here’s two upcoming shows:

Refuse Records & Köpi Collective präsentieren:

Raging hardcore powerhouse that sounds like it was made back in the late 80’s. It’s half Boston Hardcore half middle age men shouting at the world. It’s the sound of four people with almost the combined age of 120 still having it. Former members of HERESY, IRON MONKEY and HARD TO SWALLOW.

NAILS (Berlin)
Voice of BOMBENALARM, the drums of MÖNSTER, the guitar wolf of MIGRA VIOLENTA and Mr Arndt on drums. Driving hardcorepunk in a very classic way with great conscious lyrics.

7.04.2010 BERLIN
Koepi, Koepenicker str. 137, start 22


Thanx and hope to see you at the shows,

take care


Köpi Collective & Refuse Records presents:

EL BANDA (Warsaw, Poland)

Poland’s best female fronted punk w/ members of Post Regiment and Delicje.

Their brand new double LP „Efekt uboczny“ is out now on Pasazer Records and two new songs appeared on „Warsaw is Burning“ comp. 7″ (Refuse/Emancypunx).


FEJLFIX (Odense, Denmark)

Short fast and loud hardcore, ex- Under al Kritik


POSING DIRT (Warsaw, Poland)

Female fronted punk/garage

http://www.myspace.com/posingdirt27.03.2010. (Samstag), BERLIN






out now on Refuse Records:

055 V/A „Warsaw is Burning“ 7″ep

048 The Corpse „Fight against rules“ CD

061 Anchor „Relations of violence“ 7″ep

060 Right Idea s/t 7″ep

059 S.B.V. „Swallow the pill“ 7″ep

058 Seasick „Ennui“ 7″ep

057 Government Flu „Fuck poetics“ 7″ep / MCD

056 Government Flu „Demo 2008“ 7″ep

054 Zlodzieje Rowerow „…Gdy wrzala krew 1995-1999“ CD

050 Birds Of A Feather „The Past The Present“ LP+Book

upcoming show:

27.03. Berlin: El Banda (PL), Fejlfix (DK), Posing Dirt (PL)




Hello Andreas ! I follow your blog from time to time, and want to send you a link about a project i start to run in my house Scharni 38 : we opened a DIY hardcorepunk local distro on the ground floor of the building, and you can check us on the blog http://rustinpiece.blogsport.de/ , with opening times, concept and stuff. Also it’s link by 1 door to the Tempest anarcho library http://tempestlibrary.wordpress.com/ , where you can find anarchist pamphlets, texts, and books to borrow… Just as personnal info : the distro is gonna be open tomorrow (saturday) cause there is a concert here, but maybe i won’t be able to open sunday cause i organise a show in KomaF ; i attached the flyer for the distro, and also the one for the concert of sunday, if you wanna make some propagandha over your blog ! Thanks for your attention, hope to meet you around!

cheers martiN


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