Berlin DIY HC Punk Radio Show!

Tonight, Saturday September 25,  from 9 to 11 pm, another Berlin diy hc punk show will be airing on Berlin free Radio Einheit. Me and Andy Thrashbastard will be spinning old and new hardcore records and talk about Andy´s recent trip to the Balkans, Greece and Albania!

Go to the Pi-Radio website and click on the little Radio Einheit player for direct streaming or download the show here.

If you live in Berlin just turn on your radio and tune in to Radio Einheit 99,1 FM.


Eine Antwort to “Berlin DIY HC Punk Radio Show!”

  1. Guillaume Says:

    Hi guys,
    i’m a french label / distro and i’m right now on tour with a band of the label called GOUDRON.
    we are touring europe during 40 days and we still have some days off and especially in Berlin area. so i would like to know if you can give website/forums adress where we can find all the shows in Berlin on ferbuary to try to add GOUDRON on ons of these ???

    please leave a message asap if you can help us !
    thanks a lot for reading this message and hope to talk you soon

    here the infos about the band :

    Formed at the end of 2007, Goudron is a noise core duo from Nantes, french west coast. Highly influenced by The Melvins, Keelhaul and Black Cobra, they play a very well executed kind of math / stoner métal with a big rock energy, just imagine intense metal riffs guitar, groovy drums and abrasive voice with a dark and powerfull ambiance.
    The guitarist played in Elysium which did tons of tours all over Europe, Eat Shit Experience and Puanteur Crack (also with the Goudron’s drummer), now he’s concentrating on this new project, Goudron.
    In april 2010, they did a 2 weeks tour with belgium metalcore band Inner Death Experience and have recorded 2 records, a 10inch vynil on various french labels and a split CD with Granit 665 on Chanmax.

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