The Subfest is the yearly celebration of the Subversiv space. All kinds af happenings take place at this diy space regularly including some really good hardcore punk shows. I had been asked to do the poster for the fest and had fun doing it.  Still feeling a little worn-out from last nights show at Köpi so I went there late in the afternoon and hung out, had some vegan food and was right on time to see BERLINSKA DROHA perform in the yard outside.
BERLINSKA DROHA is a two piece who are doing a eclectic mix of political folk music sung in German and Sorbian. The Sorbs are a German minority who have maintained their culture for more than a thousand years. Paul, who plays the fiddle has a Sorbian background and they mix that with pretty straight forward political content taken from real life experience. I haven`t heard the word „Revolution“ sung with such conviction in a long time. Paul also does solo shows under the name GEIGERZÄHLER.

They might not fit into the narrow frame of  hardcore punk but they sure are diy. Plus they do cover some punk songs in their own fiddle and piano style. I enjoyed their performance a lot. Their approach reminded me of RED HERRING in that they are completely in their own league. I wish more bands would be that adventurous while still staying in the confines of the diy scene.

Later in the night I went over to Koma F to catch KIDS OF THE BLACK HOLE, BAN THIS! and SMART COPS.

KIDS FROM THE BLACK HOLE from Hannover have the WIPERS sound down without the desperation of the 80s. But it`s not the 80s any more. So, cool.

BAN THIS! from Bologna, Italy sound, well… Italian. If you are into fast, early 80s Italian bands like NEGAZIONE or INDIGESTI, check them out.

SMART COPS, also from Bologna, wore matching outfits and as the singer explained, had chosen the most evil kind  they could think of: the striped pants of the Carabineri, the Italian police. They were even more Italian, singing in Italian with maybe with a little more melody. They even have the little cowbell that was always kind of part of that style.

Low turn-out probably due to most people being worn-out from the previous night.

Thanks a lot to Mario for setting this show up. Keep up the good work and don`t let the assholes who sit outside only to come in when there is no charge any more or those who complain that 4 euros(!) for three bands(!) is too much, get you down.

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