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Last night was another summer highlight for the Berlin scene. Three out of town bands played at KOMA F, one of our nicest places in the basement of KÖPI. About 50 to 70 people showed up. A pretty good good turn-out for a Tuesday night.

So the room was already full when ATTACK! VIPERS! from England took the stage, or rather chose the floor for the stage. I was standing in first row and they immediately brought a smile to my face with their His Hero Is Gone-style hardcore that rolled into some really steamin, brutal hardcore. That smile stayed there for the rest of their set. Great band!

Next up were The Rats from Sweden who had been to Berlin at least four times. It really showed in the crowds response and some people were singing along to their „hits“. They really surprised me because I had bought the two 7″es that Andi Thrashbastard put out, and while those records are fine, they do not compare to the out-of-control hardcore that The Rats play live. They immediately got the crowd going and it was a lot of fun dancing to The Rats.

Finally Skitkids came out and presented their Swedish brand of crusty rock`n`roll and it was a BLAST! from start to finish. I had wanted to see them for some years and they didn`t disappoint at all. They were maybe a bit sloppy musically but made up for it in sheer energy and presence. The crowd was a whirlwind and everybody was havin fun. At one point I climbed on a little step next to the rack of speakers to take some of these shots that you see here. Some of the guys suggested I stage-dive from there and promised to catch me. Well, they did but a couple of seconds in the air some people dropped me and I hit the ground real hard. Yea, I know… my girlfriend has been making fun of me all day.

These are the kind of shows that make this the best rock`n`roll scene in town. And while some punks might object to that term, hey, why do you think they called it Maximum Rock`n`Roll some 30 years ago?!

Skitkids have a new 12″ out on Hate records that shows them at their rockin and rollinest so far. I don`t think you need to be a messiah to predict this style is going to be copied soon by some young good-looking fellows and propelled into the mainstream. If they can pull it off. Right now the unpretentious punks of Skitkids have this style of crust`n`roll nailed down!

After the show outside, the singer from ATTACK! VIPERS! came up to me, shook my hand, thanked me and said that my smile had save the show for him. I said, that it was them who`d made me smile and he went his way. Like I said: this is the greatest little rock`n`roll scene there is!

Here are some more shots from the bands ( double-click on any of the images and they will get much bigger )