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DISCO VIETNAM at Koma F 09/19/2009

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On short notice, last Saturday local Berlin favorites DISCO VIETNAM jumped on a bill that also had SS 20 from Saxonia and IN DEFENCE from the US. DISCO VIETNAM have gotten a lot tighter lately and played a really energetic and entertaining set. They´re sort-of the house-band at Koma F and the people were singing to their „hits“ . disco-vietnam-1

This is them doing their anthem:

Get their first EP while you still can! It smokes!


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distro-at-koma-fGreat show last night with two local bands and one from Münster. First up was COLD WAR with their new singer who I hadn`t seen before. I really like their brand of Thrash. Incredibly fast,  precise and the new guys voice is as brutal as Iffi used to be. One of the best Local bands hands down.cold-war

DISCO VIETNAM were a little worn-out from playing the EAST THRASH Fest  on Saturday. They still managed to enjoy themselves playing their melodic early 80`s hardcore and the audience did too. Great band!disco-vietnam-sw

SNIFFING GLUE were in top form and the singer tried his best to get the people m0ving on this rainy Sunday night. They delivered a ragin`set  of early 80`s US-Hardcore although (or because) the singer got hit in the head by the bassists bass very early on. Maybe that made him even madder. A little blood  seems to get the adrenalin going with some people. They finished with a whole slew of wisely chosen and competently played hardcore hits from BLACK FLAG to the CIRCLE JERKS. Great ragin`band!sniffin-glue-swsniffin-glue-hand-sw

I had a little discussion again last night about the photography at the shows. Some people seem to think that it`s not alright to take photos of the audience. My opinion has always been that shows should be documented if we really take  this scene seriously as a culture.over-documenting One of the  good things about the d.i.y. scene is that everybody is contributing something. As opposed to most music scenes where there are the „artists“ and the paying customers or „fans“. In our little scene everybody is supposed to be important. If I was to be only focusing  on the stage and the „performers“ that would re-produce the same clichè mainstream ideas of important „artists“ and anonymous face-less „audience“ that we were initially trying to get away from in the punk scene.


It`s going to be an all-out Berlin hardcore-punk attack: COLD WARSOLID DECLINE and INSUICIETY are playing on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 8 at KOMA F, Köpenickerstr. 137 as a benefit for THOUGHT CRIME RECORDS. A worthy cause with great bands!

Be there or be square!sa-08-11-08