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köpi-1A mixed bag of bands last Saturday at Koma F. I really love these kind of shows. Even if  I might not like each and every band at least I get a feel for what else is going on in Hardcore Punk in Berlin and around the World. Sticking to just one style gets boring fast.

Locals Katyusha started the evening with some brutal crust-core. Hadn´t heard them before and was surprised. They sure have a lot of potential.katyusha

Next were The Black Gramola Conspiracy from Basque Country, who I´m sure none of the people at the show heard before. They don´t support MySpace and only had a really nicely packaged, self-produced CD for sale. This I bought and you should´ve too. It was only 3 euros and it´s great! Diy or die!the-black-gramola-conspiracy-1

They immediately got the people moving. Their dual female-male vocals were very effective and despite their political approach, they seemed to enjoy the party-like atmosphere. They should work on their in-between announcements though. I was standing right in front and I couldn´t understand anything. I know most people don´t care about that but they seemed to have a lot to say in their lyrics. I would have liked to know what their songs, that were sung in the Basque language I guess,  were about. the-black-gramola-conspiracy-2

The vocalist of Bandanos had danced to TBGC, so one could guess what was coming up next. Bandanos from Brazil are a great Thrash-Metal band who do everything right. They´re Punks who like metal. Not the other way ´round.

Well, see for yourself: