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What a great night at Köpi! Without the help of any of the bi-weekly guides to „everything“ that is going on in this city, without fancy, glossy posters or any other major media, a couple of hundred people showed up tonight to see real underground bands. Only through diy networking and word of mouth. That`s what I call success!

RED HERRING from Portland were a real good change of pace from the usual hardcore punk that is going on at Köpi. Instead of a bass they use a tuba and the guitarist plays a banjo. Plus the singer can really sing. I wish more bands would vary from the tired old routine and make this scene a progressive scene again. One that is not afraid to venture into new territory. I have a lot of hope for this scene but right now there is actually no reason to be in that respect. RED HERRING were quite well received, people danced and I enjoyed their set so much that I bought both their 7″es. And I got a t-shirt for free! Thanks RED HERRING!

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH played another brutal set. Not quite as mean and aggressive as last weekend in Packebusch but still very fuckin`hard. I have to admit, that I was a little disappointed with the crowd because apart from a lot of fists in the air there was not much going on in the „pit“. But that was soon going to change dramatically…

Only seconds into PISSCHRIST`S set the audience exploded.

The singer continually stage-dived into the crowd, kept singing and was always thrown back on stage.

I had missed them when they played at Köpi two years ago, but most people certainly had not forgotten that first impression. A well deserved pay-off for always giving all they`ve got. They played a ragin`set and the crowd got really wild.This was the first show for PISSCHRIST`S European tour so you still have some weeks to catch them somewhere near you. Don`t miss `em…

Only two songs into the set on my way to the side of the stage I stepped into a real sharp piece of glass that pierced through my shoes and into my foot. While I made all these shots I felt the blood soaking my shoes and my socks. I didn`t want to look and just kept shooting to not miss any of the action. After the show A.C told me, that he had seen me accidentally kick some beer bottles of the speakers near the stage while taking photos. I had stepped into the bottles that I had crashed myself! Fuck. But hey, I really  bleed for this shit…

More fotos of the bands (klick on any of the images and they will get much bigger )