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Looking back on the past months, not much has happened on this blog and it has nothing to do with the Berlin diy hardcore scene. The scene is alive and happening, with lots of shows and a good amount of bands and releases.  It´s me. First I thought it was just a punk-pause over the very long winter, but then I seem to have gotten a bit jaded with hardcore lately. I´m really not happy with the state the diy hardcore punk scene is in right now. And has been over the past years. It really pisses me off, that I can´t find too many arguments to fight Erich´s accusations that the hardcore scene of today is purely a „hardcore re-enactment scene“. Most of it really  is retro. And as much as I like the people in the scene and of course 80´s style hardcore, it doesn´t really lead anywhere. A scene dies  when it looses its crucial progressive element. I got out of the garage punk scene in the late 90´s when it turned into a „Oldies“-scene. When the bands were content to play the old style really well. Then again: I got out of the hardcore-scene in the late 80´s, because the scene had branched out into so many styles that it lost its equally crucial, stupid rock´n´roll appeal . That was one of the reasons I got into hardcore in the first place: silly rock´n´roll played at maximum speed by pretty smart people.

Progression seems to be missing a bit  in hardcore lately. I don´t even care in what direction diy hardcore punk could develop, but it has to develop. Be it pop, noise, primitive or plain weird, as long as it still really rocks and is still being made by the same people and still happens at the same places, I will enjoy it. Everything is better than the current retro style. I don´t have anywhere else to go and I don´t want to leave either. But if anyone knows of a place where  really nice and intelligent people who are fuckin´angry with the way the world is, are playing angry fuckin´music that I can TOTALLY FUCKIN`ROOOOOOOOCK OUT TO, please tell me.

On the other hand  I might be completely wrong and just haven´t paid enough attention to what´s going on. For example, all the hardcore bands that played at Koma F last night were fantastic! (Four bands – Krystal Meth/Berlin, I Scream 7 Showers/Japan, Sista Sekunden/Sweden and Urban Blight/Canada –  for five Euros! That´s not to beaten by any other venue in Berlin.)

Local Berliners KRYSTAL METH have played a lot of shows in the past year and their crusty hardcore sound has gotten a lot tighter. Luckily their funny remarks in between songs were so not crusty…

Next up were I  SCREAM 7 SHOWERS from Japan and they completely surprised me. This is a new hardcore sound!  Chaotic and wild with lots of distortion and tempo changes, they played at break-neck speed, while still maintaining a melodic vibe. I danced through their whole set and never missed a beat. Amazing band!

I SCREAM 7 SHOWERS, Social Eyes, 2007 (still a little more conventional sounding, from their Split w/Sista Sekunden on Instigate Records)

The mighty SISTA SEKUNDEN at our beloved little moldy, old basement Koma F,  was almost too good to b e true. I love their new pop-ish hardcore sound and I love their old faster material but just because they dare to do something different, I think I like their new stuff better. Sista Sekunden are one of the handful of truly great European hardcore bands right now. Their new LP is a masterpiece! Name one other hard rockin´ HARDCORE PUNK band that can pull off writing a „pop“ song like this:

SISTA SEKUNDEN, Sista punkaren i Sverige, 2010 (from their new album „Aldras med Stil“ on Instigate Records)

The last band were URBAN BLIGHT from Canada. Some years ago I bought their 7″ on Deranged. They do  early 80´s hardcore. When they hit the stage, they got me going immediately.  I slam danced, I sweated, I smiled  just like I did some 25 years ago in the real 80´s.  Call it retro or whatever, as long as it gets my blood pumping and my body moving, I´m all for it. Rock´n´roll, punk and hardcore will always be foremost about dancing. If it doesn´t get the body moving, forget it. And if  you´re not dancing to it,  you will never feel it, never understand it.

URBAN BLIGHT, Social Order, 2010 (From their new 7″ on Static Shock Records)

After the show I bought their new 7″ out on Static Shock records and it´s even more brutal and primitive sounding than their old one, but in a good way. Kinda strange, but they didn´t sound that primitive live. Usually it´s the other way round. Get their new 7″, it´s great! Urban Blight got the punks moving one last time on this week night and then it was time to go home.

Thanks to Mario for putting on this wonderful show. Thanks to everyone that helped at the door and worked the bar and thanks to the generous people that live at Köpi, who let our noise destroy their bedtime.