Oräng Attäng und Fetzen in der KVU, 26.02.2010!

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Hamburg Punks ORÄNG ATTÄNG and angry female fronted Deutschpunkers FETZEN from Berlin play at KVU February 26,  2010. Show starts at 10 pm sharp!

Wenn  Hamburg schon mal nach Berlin kommt muß ich wohl mal kurz aus meiner Winterschlafhöhle rauskrabbeln und meine müden, alten Knochen da hinschleifen…


Upcoming Shows!

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Willkommen in neuen Jahr und es geht gleich weiter im Koma F .

Two bands tomorrow January 12 at Koma F:

Great angry female-fronted Punk band from Boston, Massachusetts


and the amazing NAILS from Berlin:

Zwei echt HEISSE Combos um den kalten Komakeller aufzuwärmen!!! Ich werd mir trotzdem ein extrapaar warme Socken überziehn…


One of the last shows of this year December 28 at Koma F: the brilliantly brutal, chaotic  and precise Hardcorepunks from Buffalo EVERYTHING FALLS APART and Berlin Thrashmasters A BIT OF BRAINDEAD

Attention!!!: Show moved to „Lokal“

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ATTENTION!!!: SHOW MOVED TO „LOKAL“ (Rosenthaler Str.71, Berlin-Mitte) auf 2 BÜHNEN (!!!) um „20.00UHR“ mit:

SKRÄCK (HC-Crust/ L.E.) ,  SICK TIMES (Hardcore/ Sachsen),  GEWAPEND BETON (HC-Punk/ NL),  BRAT PACK (HC-Thrash/ NL),  „MxVxDx“ (Crust-Grind/ Berlin),  „Krystal Meth“ (Hardcore/ Berlin) ,  „RoadKillZombies“ (Punkrock/ Berlin),  „Sonic Booze Machine“ (HC-Metal/ Berlin) ,  „Peacebastard“ (Radau/ Berlin)

Das Spektakel wird auf 2 Bühnen stattfinden, dann sind die Pausen zwischen den Bands auch auf das Mininum reduziert.


Social Circkle are one of the best bands of the new early 80´s Hardcore scene. Yes, their retro but so what, they´re fuckin´ragin´. Hope they´re still on fire when they hit Koma F on this their last day of the tour…

Family Man are the best Berlin Hardcore band right now. Intelligent, tight, melodic and they always put on a great show. Plus they are a pretty good-looking bunch… yea, I know you´re too cool to care for these things…

This will probably be the show of the month! Don´t miss…



OUT ON A LIMB from Chemnitz write some really good songs! Their EP on Thrashbastard Records is full of catchy hardcore anthems!

DRAMAMIME share some band members with PRESSGANG and IDLE HANDS but these guys are way more rockin´…

Me like very much!!!

Sounds like a cool show December 4th at Koma F!!!

Show Tonight!

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Last minute announcement: APE ATTACK from Berlin and MIND TRAP from Vienna  are playing at Koma F tonight, Tuesday October 20.

Show starts at 10 pm.


BERLIN DIY HC PUNK on the Radio tonight!

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berlindiyhcpunkradioTonight October 13th from 9 to 11 pm Andreas Thrashbastard and I (another Andreas) present the second part of our BERLIN DIY HC PUNK radio show on Berlin´s only free form radio Herbstradio 99.1.

You can either turn on your radio in Berlin or listen online. Just check Herbstradio 99.1.

We play some new Hardcore Punk from the great Barcelona scene, some of the highlights of the Ümea scene of the past years and then in the second half of the show we present our favourite Hardcore Punk 45´s of this decade.

Playlist October 13th:

  • OS BRASAS- Mulher Reindeira
  • TOREROS AFTER OLÉ- Chicos de la Calle
  • IV. REICH- Genocidio
  • ESKORBUTO- Mucha Policía, Poca Diversión
  • OTAN- Joventud Anarquista
  • INSOMNIO- Still Remember
  • CINDER- Hi Top Or Low But Never Slow
  • FIX ME- Paradoja
  • FIX ME- Atrapado
  • ÜBER- Espana y Mierda
  • ÜBER- Mein Bezirk
  • ATENTADO- No Necesito tus Reglas
  • CRIMEN DE ESTADO- Bomba Atomica
  • CRIMEN DE ESTADO- Anar Parlant
  • MASSHYSTERI- Monoton Tid
  • INSTÄNGD- Instängd
  • THE VICIOUS- Suicidal Generation
  • KNUGEN FALLER- Adolf Hitler
  • REGULATIONS- Destroy
  • SKITKIDS- Ensamhet Bygger Denna Varld
  • SKITKIDS- Lyckans Sang
  • NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS- Secret Police
  • GORILLA ANGREB- De Kommer Du Om Natten
  • SNIPERS- The Howling
  • ASSASSINATORS- Natten Braender
  • HJERTESTOP- Vi Er Overalt
  • LIMPWRIST- This Ain’t No Cross On My Hand
  • LIFE’S HALT- We Will Take It!
  • LIMPWRIST- What’s Up With The Kids
  • LIMPWRIST- The Ode
  • TRAGEDY- The Ending Fight
  • FROM ASHES RISE- Life And Death
  • WORLD BURNS TO DEATH- World Burns To Death
  • BORN/DEAD- No One Gets Out
  • HELLSHOCK- Lost Sunset
  • BOMBENALARM- Zielfunktion
  • FUCKED UP- Police
  • RNR- I’ve Had It
  • DEADFALL- What A Bogus
  • DEADFALL- One Man’s Dog
  • LOS TRAIDORES- Buenas Dias Presidente

In the first part of the BERLIN DIY HC PUNK radio show we played recent and not so recent Hardcore Punk releases from Berlin, some new US  stuff  and some of Andreas Thrashbastard´s Brazilian favourites.

Playlist October 6th:

  • MINUS APES- Nothing Is Nothing At All
  • A BIT OF BRAINDEAD- The Way Democracy Became Established
  • DISCO VIETNAM- Disco Vietnam
  • MINUS APES- Get In To Get Out
  • A BIT OF BRAINDEAD- Totally Wrecked
  • OUT ON A LIMB- Drinking Spree
  • SNIFFING GLUE- Suburban Suicide, Suburban Violence
  • PRESSGANG- Sex Satan
  • TATORT TOILET- Deine Firewire brennt
  • THE TANGLED LINES- With Make Up And A Push Up Bra
  • DEPRESSIVE STATE- Total Annihilation
  • MÖNSTER- Arbeit ist Scheiße (Keine aber auch)
  • CHAINBREAKER- Dauerlatte Lebenslauf
  • SOLID DECLINE- In die Fresse
  • CYNESS- Patriotenidioten
  • COLD WAR- Changes
  • COLD WAR- No Regrets
  • LOSER LIFE- I Want The World
  • FRESH MEAT- Bad Mask
  • MIDDLE AMERICA- Every Night
  • CIVIC PROGRESS- Straight Teeth
  • RETAINERS- Die Baby Die
  • RETAINERS- Blue Jean Attack
  • CLOAK/DAGGER- She Cracked
  • PRF- Unfulfilled
  • PLAN R- Not A Waste
  • DEFECT DEFECT- I Fucking Mean It
  • DEFECT DEFECT- Yeah, I’m A Terrorist
  • DEEP SLEEP- Manic Euphoria
  • BLANK STARE- Cowards
  • BRAIN HANDLE- Smiling
  • SOCIAL CIRCKLE- Static Eyes
  • SOCIAL CIRCKLE- I Don’t Want
  • ACID REFLUX- Not Another Day
  • TOTAL ABUSE- No Release
  • B.U.S.H.- Bush Klan
  • DISCARGA- E Agora?
  • DISCARGA- Vivendo
  • INFECT- Em Nossas Maos
  • ALARME- O Que Voce Aprendeu?
  • ARMA LARANJA- Desligar Meu Cerebro
  • O INIMIGO- Tarde Demais
  • BESTA FERA- Pulo De Coyote
  • COLERA- HC-Oi-Punk


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Es wird brasilianisch in Berlin. Auch wenn das Wetter grad mal wieder sehr deutsch ist. Aber entgegen landläufiger Meinung scheint auch in Sao Paulo oder Rio nicht ganzjährig die Sonne…

Am morgigen Samstag, 3.10., eröffnet in der Richardstr. 38 in Neukölln das Café Vux

und Montag, 5.10., gibts im Koma F den passenden Soundtrack dazu, haha. Dann spielen nämlich: SIEGE OF HATE aus Fortaleza, Brasilien und INTO SICKNESS aus Mexiko-Stadt. Hoffe, wir sehen uns!

Bis denne


Some reviews of new local Berlin records

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These three Berlin Hardcore 45´s  came out over the past months. I have written about DISCO VIETNAM, A BIT OF BRAINDEAD and MINUS APES before, but I was still very exited to hear their first releases. To make it short: they´re all great! You can get them through Yellow Dog Records, Thrashbastard Records or some other distros. To make your decision to search for these records a little easier, I´d like to try to describe them a bit:


DISCO VIETNAM are the wildest bunch of the three, at least musically. With these  4  songs clocking-in under 5 minutes, you know what you´re in for:  fast and furious early-80´s Hardcore. They do throw in some breaks and melodies and play very tight, but over-all this is a rowdy, out-of-control,  rough-sounding record that I can´t find a thing to complain about. I love this kind of Hardcore. The chorus of their anthem goes:  My band is bad / And tonight we play here / My band is crap / And tonight…tonight we play here

Well, they´re actually pretty damn good. But I guess they don´t take themselves too seriously, which in my book just shows how cool they really are. The guys in DISCO VIETNAM asked me to do a variant cover-drawing for the record, so I sat down to do some old-school fine-line cross-hatching for them, like I used to do in the 80´s.  Kinda like this one here that I did a loooong time ago. I think that first small batch is sold-out by now.  The other design is pretty cool too, so get one of those remaining ones before they´re gone! On Search For Fame Records.




A BIT OF BRAINDEAD – Totally Wrecked EP

A BIT OF BRAINDEAD have been around for a while and played a lot of shows here locally. They are a riot onstage but this record also shows their musical side. Of these  three records, this one has the best production. The drawing on the sleeve might look simple but A BIT OF BRAINDEAD managed to get a heavy and very tight sound on these 7 songs.  But don´t get me wrong, they are still playing some damn fast and angry Hardcore.  If I  had to pin it down, I´d  say: mid-80´s Hardcore. Of course I love it, that was the time when I  got head-on into Hardcore. Some great quick guitar-breaks and melodies but none that take away from the over-all unruly energy. Plus they do have some pretty angry lyrics to go with it:  „Demonstrate“ / „Yeah“ / „But please no violence“ / I´m sorry but can´t avoid the circumstance to revolt against your systematical repression / And you´ll give me a lesson about senseless aggression? / Ha Ha Ha, what a fucking joke! (from „The Way Democracy became established“).

Get this record, you won´t be disappointed. Co-released by Rising Riot, Thrashbastard and Yellow Dog Records. Now let´s hope that their local brother-combo APE ATTACK comes up with a record soon too…




MINUS APES are the most melodic and Punk sounding of the three bands . If  DISCO VIETNAM are playing  Hardcore circa 1983  and A BIT OF BRAINDEAD 1985, MINUS APES sound like 1979. They have the west-coast Punk sound down! They also give a nod to some of the melodic Swedish Punk and Hardcore bands that have been all the rage over the past years. But they are still pretty young and they filled  these grooves with a lot of fresh now-time anger and energy to save it from being just another nostalgic retro record.    Traditions and trends / It´s all the same / Enemies and friends / It´s all the same / It´s all the same / Those goals and tries / I´m tired of being a compromise ( „It´s all the same“ )

Six well-written songs on this EP and not one dull second. Out on Thrashbastard Records. What better sign of quality do you need?