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Last night everybody went to a new space for shows called the Turm (tower). And a tower it is. The shows take place on the fifth floor of a high tower in a industrial area in Neukölln. Not the usual area for punk shows so everybody came for the first time and it felt like a school trip with only the nice people from the scene showing up. And quite a lot of people did show. It was a interesting change from the usual crappy, wet basements that we love so much. It was as if we would all start from scratch with no random drunks coming in, not knowing what is going on in the first place…

First band was ANTI MOB from Athens, Greece and they were quite good, sorta like TRAGEDY or MÖNSTER, our local crust rockers. Ragin`stuff!anti-mob

Second were MASSHYSTERI, a great poppish punk band with real well written songs as can be expected from such Swedish veterans.

Soaking wet and thirsty from dancing I went to get something to drink. I was at the bar when MASSHYSTERI started playing their anthem „Masshysteri“, actually a song from their former band THE VICIOUS. As you can see on the video, I tried to get back to the front as fast as possible. The woman from the merch-table is singing…

The last band to play was AUTISTIC YOUTH from Portland. They sound a lot like THE OBSERVERS but younger and more energetic. They have great melodies and play fast!

I had hoped for a little more action on the dance floor but you can not have everything. As A.C. pointed out, the difference to all the other little underground scenes, is that the d.i.y. scene is mainly made up of people who are doing something themselves. So maybe some felt like they had done their part already. Although I still think that you should at least rock as hard as the band that is playing. And that goes double for bands that come from countries as far away as Greece. Do you think people stand with their backs to a wall when a German band makes it to Athens?

But those are just minor bickerings. It was a great night with great bands and great people. Let`s hope this place stays open a while and the people let a little more loose next time…

Thanks to Stefan, the FAMILY MAN gang and everybody else for managing the place and to Andi Thrashbastard for bringing the bands!