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THE RATS at Koma F, February 26, 2010

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This weekend Köpi is celebrating its 20th birthday with a huge festival. I was there for the Friday event and it was massive. The site was muddy and puddles everywhere because the snow was finally melting after two month, but it didn´t keep way more than thousand people from showing up. A great testament to the vitality of the squatters movement and the anarchist punk scene.

There were many groups playing last night but the only one I saw was  the Rats from Umeå. I got to meet Johan, one of their two guitarists, before the show and he told me they had taken a plane to Berlin and it felt like summer for them because in Umeå it was still minus 25° Celcius.

The Rats are not on tour and were invited to the Köpi Fest exclusively. Deservedly so because they absolutely destroy live. They have the best set-up for any rock´n´roll group: a solid backing band of smart but rather normal guys and a real animal for a front person.

They have played Koma F many times, one of their shows was my first post in June 2008. I I hope to catch them again because they rule.



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Es wird brasilianisch in Berlin. Auch wenn das Wetter grad mal wieder sehr deutsch ist. Aber entgegen landläufiger Meinung scheint auch in Sao Paulo oder Rio nicht ganzjährig die Sonne…

Am morgigen Samstag, 3.10., eröffnet in der Richardstr. 38 in Neukölln das Café Vux

und Montag, 5.10., gibts im Koma F den passenden Soundtrack dazu, haha. Dann spielen nämlich: SIEGE OF HATE aus Fortaleza, Brasilien und INTO SICKNESS aus Mexiko-Stadt. Hoffe, wir sehen uns!

Bis denne


Some reviews of new local Berlin records

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These three Berlin Hardcore 45´s  came out over the past months. I have written about DISCO VIETNAM, A BIT OF BRAINDEAD and MINUS APES before, but I was still very exited to hear their first releases. To make it short: they´re all great! You can get them through Yellow Dog Records, Thrashbastard Records or some other distros. To make your decision to search for these records a little easier, I´d like to try to describe them a bit:


DISCO VIETNAM are the wildest bunch of the three, at least musically. With these  4  songs clocking-in under 5 minutes, you know what you´re in for:  fast and furious early-80´s Hardcore. They do throw in some breaks and melodies and play very tight, but over-all this is a rowdy, out-of-control,  rough-sounding record that I can´t find a thing to complain about. I love this kind of Hardcore. The chorus of their anthem goes:  My band is bad / And tonight we play here / My band is crap / And tonight…tonight we play here

Well, they´re actually pretty damn good. But I guess they don´t take themselves too seriously, which in my book just shows how cool they really are. The guys in DISCO VIETNAM asked me to do a variant cover-drawing for the record, so I sat down to do some old-school fine-line cross-hatching for them, like I used to do in the 80´s.  Kinda like this one here that I did a loooong time ago. I think that first small batch is sold-out by now.  The other design is pretty cool too, so get one of those remaining ones before they´re gone! On Search For Fame Records.




A BIT OF BRAINDEAD – Totally Wrecked EP

A BIT OF BRAINDEAD have been around for a while and played a lot of shows here locally. They are a riot onstage but this record also shows their musical side. Of these  three records, this one has the best production. The drawing on the sleeve might look simple but A BIT OF BRAINDEAD managed to get a heavy and very tight sound on these 7 songs.  But don´t get me wrong, they are still playing some damn fast and angry Hardcore.  If I  had to pin it down, I´d  say: mid-80´s Hardcore. Of course I love it, that was the time when I  got head-on into Hardcore. Some great quick guitar-breaks and melodies but none that take away from the over-all unruly energy. Plus they do have some pretty angry lyrics to go with it:  „Demonstrate“ / „Yeah“ / „But please no violence“ / I´m sorry but can´t avoid the circumstance to revolt against your systematical repression / And you´ll give me a lesson about senseless aggression? / Ha Ha Ha, what a fucking joke! (from „The Way Democracy became established“).

Get this record, you won´t be disappointed. Co-released by Rising Riot, Thrashbastard and Yellow Dog Records. Now let´s hope that their local brother-combo APE ATTACK comes up with a record soon too…




MINUS APES are the most melodic and Punk sounding of the three bands . If  DISCO VIETNAM are playing  Hardcore circa 1983  and A BIT OF BRAINDEAD 1985, MINUS APES sound like 1979. They have the west-coast Punk sound down! They also give a nod to some of the melodic Swedish Punk and Hardcore bands that have been all the rage over the past years. But they are still pretty young and they filled  these grooves with a lot of fresh now-time anger and energy to save it from being just another nostalgic retro record.    Traditions and trends / It´s all the same / Enemies and friends / It´s all the same / It´s all the same / Those goals and tries / I´m tired of being a compromise ( „It´s all the same“ )

Six well-written songs on this EP and not one dull second. Out on Thrashbastard Records. What better sign of quality do you need?



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Back at our cozy old moldy basement Koma F. Three bands from as far away as Israel, the US and Brazil for 4 euros! Now, who can beat that for entertainment value?

I know most people will disagree with me and I know there is a reason for it being that way, but I always think the shows are too cheap. Right now there probably is no solution to this problem. These three international touring bands can`t really make enough money from 70 (I´m guessing, maybe there were even less) people paying 4 euros. But a lot of people would not have come if it were not cheap, because they don`t know the bands. They take a chance on the bands being good. So far there always is a audience for this type of music. If a more dedicated and steady group of „fans“ would develop maybe they would be willing to pay more for their fanatical love of the music. But that may also make the scene boring and predictable…

First up were the unannounced INSTINCT from Tel Aviv. If you look at the pictures you`ll see what they were about. From what I heard they were travelling by train and stayed at a youth hostel for the night.

Next were BLANK STARE from Boston. Once more they were awesome to watch and got me to move instantly. In fact it was hard taking the time to do these shots because I was so occupied with rockin`out to them.

DISCARGA from Sao Paulo had been a big surprise in Packebusch. I bought one of their 7″es 4 years ago and liked it a lot but they sure have learned a few tricks since then. They are a riot on stage!

Another fantastic night at Köpi and please don`t take my critical  thoughts from the beginning the wrong way. I love this scene and I`m really passionate about the music and the ideas behind it. I just don`t think the way it is now is the end to it all…

More photos of INSTINCT ( click on any of the images and they will get much bigger)