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Back at our cozy old moldy basement Koma F. Three bands from as far away as Israel, the US and Brazil for 4 euros! Now, who can beat that for entertainment value?

I know most people will disagree with me and I know there is a reason for it being that way, but I always think the shows are too cheap. Right now there probably is no solution to this problem. These three international touring bands can`t really make enough money from 70 (I´m guessing, maybe there were even less) people paying 4 euros. But a lot of people would not have come if it were not cheap, because they don`t know the bands. They take a chance on the bands being good. So far there always is a audience for this type of music. If a more dedicated and steady group of „fans“ would develop maybe they would be willing to pay more for their fanatical love of the music. But that may also make the scene boring and predictable…

First up were the unannounced INSTINCT from Tel Aviv. If you look at the pictures you`ll see what they were about. From what I heard they were travelling by train and stayed at a youth hostel for the night.

Next were BLANK STARE from Boston. Once more they were awesome to watch and got me to move instantly. In fact it was hard taking the time to do these shots because I was so occupied with rockin`out to them.

DISCARGA from Sao Paulo had been a big surprise in Packebusch. I bought one of their 7″es 4 years ago and liked it a lot but they sure have learned a few tricks since then. They are a riot on stage!

Another fantastic night at Köpi and please don`t take my critical  thoughts from the beginning the wrong way. I love this scene and I`m really passionate about the music and the ideas behind it. I just don`t think the way it is now is the end to it all…

More photos of INSTINCT ( click on any of the images and they will get much bigger)