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Attention!!!: Show moved to „Lokal“

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ATTENTION!!!: SHOW MOVED TO „LOKAL“ (Rosenthaler Str.71, Berlin-Mitte) auf 2 BÜHNEN (!!!) um „20.00UHR“ mit:

SKRÄCK (HC-Crust/ L.E.) ,  SICK TIMES (Hardcore/ Sachsen),  GEWAPEND BETON (HC-Punk/ NL),  BRAT PACK (HC-Thrash/ NL),  „MxVxDx“ (Crust-Grind/ Berlin),  „Krystal Meth“ (Hardcore/ Berlin) ,  „RoadKillZombies“ (Punkrock/ Berlin),  „Sonic Booze Machine“ (HC-Metal/ Berlin) ,  „Peacebastard“ (Radau/ Berlin)

Das Spektakel wird auf 2 Bühnen stattfinden, dann sind die Pausen zwischen den Bands auch auf das Mininum reduziert.


Social Circkle are one of the best bands of the new early 80´s Hardcore scene. Yes, their retro but so what, they´re fuckin´ragin´. Hope they´re still on fire when they hit Koma F on this their last day of the tour…

Family Man are the best Berlin Hardcore band right now. Intelligent, tight, melodic and they always put on a great show. Plus they are a pretty good-looking bunch… yea, I know you´re too cool to care for these things…

This will probably be the show of the month! Don´t miss…



OUT ON A LIMB from Chemnitz write some really good songs! Their EP on Thrashbastard Records is full of catchy hardcore anthems!

DRAMAMIME share some band members with PRESSGANG and IDLE HANDS but these guys are way more rockin´…

Me like very much!!!

Sounds like a cool show December 4th at Koma F!!!


LIMP WRIST at Köpi, July 1, 2009

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We had been waiting to see them for many years, so when they finally did, the room exploded. Hundreds of people showed up and it was a great atmosphere at Köpi. It was so damn hot inside and no ventilation whatsoever but that didn´t keep anyone from rockin´ out. Limp Wrist are the most important Hardcore Punk band of this decade and this was the best Berlin Hardcore Punk show this  summer.

The show was a benefit in support of the Queer Wagenplatz Schwarzer Kanal that is currently facing eviction and to raise funds for the Queer Music Festival Up Your Ears. So this wonderful night was also successful in that respect.

Don´t forget to scroll further down for more upcoming Berlin Hardcore Punk shows…



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(The Berlin Hardcore scene is awesome right now. Many young faces and a very nice atmosphere. Great turnout for a Tuesday night. A BIT OF BRAINDEAD just released their first 45, as did DISCO VIETNAM and I heard MINUS APES are recording for their their debut too. Looks like a great summer for Berlin Hardcore-Punk…)

Von RAMMING SPEED aus Boston hab ich leider keine Photos, dafür auch nur ein paar gelungene von WASTED TIME und  GOVERNMENT WARNING. Ich war mal wieder viel zu unruhig. Es war aber auch sowas von NICHT ZUM STILLSTEHEN!!!

Dafür nochn kurzes Video von GOVERNMENT WARNING:

Und ein sehr kurzes von WASTED TIME:




Am Freitag 5. Juni spielen SPASTIX ( hört ma rein. Geil!!!), HEADED FOR DISASTER (aus Stockholm) und HENRY FONDA ab 22 Uhr im Koma F. ALL KILLER NO FILLER!!!05.06.09-flyer

Am Samstag 6. Juni  NAILS aus Berlin und SURRENDER aus Oakland im Koma F ab 22 Uhr.06.06.09-flyer

Und am Sonntag 8. Juni HARD CHARGER aus Canada und LINK aus Belgien ab 22 Uhr im Koma F. Volles Hardcore Programm am Wochenende also…08.06.09-flyer

Zuletzt noch der Hinweis das ab 1.Juli alle Konzerte im AGH und in der Köpi PÜNKTLICH um 22 Uhr BEGINNEN werden:ab-1-juli-22-uhr

DE HOJE HAELE, PRESSGANG at Koma F April 5, 2009

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05-04-09-koma-entranceI`ve been hibernating like a chipmunk over the past winter so I haven`t been  going to shows and haven`t produced any new material  besides adding upcoming shows when Mario sent me some info. Now it`s springtime, tons of shows are happening and now I`m busy working. I guess I´ll be kicked out of the scene any time now. Somebody should take over this blog who is more active in the scene. Seriously, if your`re interested let me know.05-04-09-koma-f-posters2

I did however make it to this DE HOJE HAELE/PRESSGANG show. It was DE HOJE HAELES second time at Koma F this year. They played a great set of their Danish brand of Power Pop. Their 7″ on Repo Man Records is tops!

Muenster has some great Punk/Hardcore bands right now, considering that it`s a rather small town. PRESSGANG got the punks moving on this weekday. Great band! I bought their new 7″ on Hardware Records and it smokes!.

I will try to catch more shows in the future. Don`t forget to check the upcoming shows if you scroll further down…

A bunch of  photos of  DE HOJE HAELE (double-click on the images and they will get much bigger):de-hoje-haele-05-04-09-koma-f-1de-hoje-haele-05-04-09-koma-f-2









Und weiter unten noch ein paar Fotos von PRESSGANG ( wie immer doppelklicken und die Bilder werden sehr viel größer):pressgang-05-04-09-koma-f-2pressgang-05-04-09-koma-f05-04-09-koma-f


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Among Berlin`s many Punk record-stores one really stands out: Real Deal Records. Located in Kreuzberg in the Gneisenaustrasse 60, it is Berlin`s only punk record store that still closely ties punk to the political side of things. Real Deal is a anarchist store that serves as a meeting place, info-store, book-store and of course carries a lot of punk records.

Helmut, who founded the store in 1997, runs the store together with three other punks. Being 60 years old he is most probably Berlin`s oldest punk, the same generation as Charlie Harper and Penny Rimbaud. Or at least the only one who still looks the part. Starting in the 60s, Helmut has spent his whole life surrounded by rock`n`roll and politics and he`s got some wild stories to tell. And of course he was there when punk got started in the 70s and in the middle of the squatters movement of the 80s. But he`s far from nostalgic and very informed about what`s going on today. For example I have yet to meet another punk record-store owner who would enthusiastically rave about the new book about „Undomshuset“, like Helmut did today when I went to the store. He is still very committed to anarchism and I find that really inspiring. In fact so much that I bought the book.

In times where a lot of the traditional political ties to punk have been cut it`s good to see a punk-store that also offers a wide variety of radical leftist magazines, books, posters and videos.

Real Deal Records is open:

Mo-Fr 14:00-20:00

Sa 13:00-17:00

Gneisenaustrasse 60, Kreuzberg, near the „Südstern“ train-station

phone & fax ++49+30+6944806

Their homepage is a little out-dated but the store gets new stuff in all the time: REAL DEAL