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THE FIGHT, UNQUIET, APE ATTACK! at Turm, 15/7/2008

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Finally I get to write something for this blog. I have meant to do it for ages, but then the opportunity never arose cos Andi is so darn quick or perhaps I just don’t go to enough gigs. But here it is, anyway. But before I start: all photos were taken by Wolli and stolen by me from I’ll tell them about it in a minute though, promise!

So, this gig yesterday was the 3rd DIY hardcore gig at our neat little venue Der Turm, and it’s sharing the top fave spot with Valhalla Pacifists, Fuck With Fire and A Bit Of Braindead in April. As I was one of the folk organizing the gig this might be a slightly different stance from something written by anyone „just“ there to see the gig.

I was really thrilled for this opportunity to put on THE FIGHT, a) because Wolfi is in them and he and the Dresden Mosh Crew have done an awful lot for us in the past and b) (I guess this should be a) really) THE FIGHT are one of my absolutely most favourite hardcore bands and have been for quite a while. I met them first when we played our first gig with them at the KOMA F back in the day and I’ve been in love with them ever since. So yea, the day came and I was still pretty shattered from driving down from London and arriving the night before, but I managed to hang some more Molton with Mikki Sikk and Machine over the windows on the top floor and welcome the band before kicking off to cook an African chili and Muffins for the bands, realising that next time I really will need bigger pots. Back at the venue most was all set up nicely and the backline had been brought up with our DIY freight elevator. After setting up the P.A. and a quick soundcheck with UNQUIET people started arriving and so did the pigs. Some neighbour had called them which was no big news since that’s happened with every single thing we’ve done in the place so far, but this time it was only 10 p.m. and they were asking for a council permit. Which we didn’t have, obviously. I managed to send them back off (a lot of people won’t like this, but they were cool enough pigs and didn’t want to hassle us really, and in fact they never have before, so here’s for A.C.A.B.) and extract the information that the bastard/ess calling them in wasn’t the one we had expected but apparently lived on the other side of the building. Meaning, we had hung up all the molton on the wrong side of the room.

Anyway, when UNQUIET from Berlin hit the stage (i.e. the floor), some 60 people were there and although we had to get up the band’s arse several times to turn down the amps still a bit more, the crowd, themselves and we enjoyed their set. Although the only people „dancing“ were the very friendly hobo-type man off the street and UNQUIET’s singer. UNQUIET play intricate hardcore, which probably would have been termed „screamo“ in past decades if it wasn’t for the growling voice. The set was one heavy fucker and really groovy. So DIY gig collectives, get in touch with them, they’re well worth it: Unfortunately I grew more anxious by the minute should the pigs be back and shut the gig down as they had promised if we wouldn’t produce the council permit.



Up next were APE ATTACK!, also from our beloved metropolis. They are closely connected (i.e. share members) with A BIT OF BRAINDEAD and CIRCLE KIT, all of which are really good bands, and represent something like the new generation of Berlin hardcore. Meaning, they are just not as old and boring as the rest of us are. They play youth (sic!) crew-ish hardcore with crew shouts and they always bring in a lot of the hardcore young team which get circle pits and a bit of the old two step dancing going, but in a very relaxed and totally un-tough way, with both biological sexes involved. A very nice momentum at gigs, when no one is threatened to get their head kicked in, everybody is having fun and even the drunkest and most run-down of attendees is treated with respect and care. Notwithstanding they’re (admittedly male) youthful energy, joking song comments and general thrashiness, they seem to have real good lyrics (from what I could grasp) and are definitely much wiser than I was some ten years ago. To me they have slipped right into the heart of the DIY scene and give it a lot just by shaking the old farts by their shoulders and kick up some thrashy madness. Cool set, great people, lots of energy. See them soon and again and again, they play Berlin fairly often.

So it was finally time for THE FIGHT to hit the stage, and I grew more relaxed, as the pigs still hadn’t shown up. Setup didn’t take long and all of a sudden we all were into a set that was extremely rocking and it went down best with the crowd, including a cover of the BUZZCOCKS‘ „Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn’t Have Fallen In Love With“, during which the band’s faces were just gleaming with pure joy. The energy sprang over and a good amount of dancing could be seen here and there. THE FIGHT are a special band in some respects, with four members living in and around Warszawa and one in Dresden, and Asia’s lyrics and announcements deliver messages which are too often neglected in our cozy little scene (and I know that Andi tends to think so, too), often concerning the relationship between grrrls and boys, so to say. The band really has a lot to say about (dis)gender issues, and political problems, especially in Poland, which seems to be growing more and more reactionary about issues such as abortion laws or being labelled (and prosecuted) as whathaveyou-sexual. Well, you might say, isn’t that quite a natural thing with a female singer and a female bassist, also singing, both emancipation activists on top? But that’s exactly the point: this isn’t about XX vs. XY or XX + XY or „the women question“. These are issues that (should) concern all of us. And not only do THE FIGHT get that across without pointing a finger, they also add a great brand of brutal yet melodic hardcore on top. Imagine a random 90s posi band with Ringworm mosh appeal and Tragedy catchiness and perhaps you’re coming close. Or will write angry comments.THE FIGHT

The rest of the night went down easy and all of us were glad that we were spared more cop trouble and had such a good night. I think it has been a really diverse mix of bands and there was something in it for everyone. The way it should be more often, like. Thanks to the bands for making this a good one!


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Last night everybody went to a new space for shows called the Turm (tower). And a tower it is. The shows take place on the fifth floor of a high tower in a industrial area in Neukölln. Not the usual area for punk shows so everybody came for the first time and it felt like a school trip with only the nice people from the scene showing up. And quite a lot of people did show. It was a interesting change from the usual crappy, wet basements that we love so much. It was as if we would all start from scratch with no random drunks coming in, not knowing what is going on in the first place…

First band was ANTI MOB from Athens, Greece and they were quite good, sorta like TRAGEDY or MÖNSTER, our local crust rockers. Ragin`stuff!anti-mob

Second were MASSHYSTERI, a great poppish punk band with real well written songs as can be expected from such Swedish veterans.

Soaking wet and thirsty from dancing I went to get something to drink. I was at the bar when MASSHYSTERI started playing their anthem „Masshysteri“, actually a song from their former band THE VICIOUS. As you can see on the video, I tried to get back to the front as fast as possible. The woman from the merch-table is singing…

The last band to play was AUTISTIC YOUTH from Portland. They sound a lot like THE OBSERVERS but younger and more energetic. They have great melodies and play fast!

I had hoped for a little more action on the dance floor but you can not have everything. As A.C. pointed out, the difference to all the other little underground scenes, is that the d.i.y. scene is mainly made up of people who are doing something themselves. So maybe some felt like they had done their part already. Although I still think that you should at least rock as hard as the band that is playing. And that goes double for bands that come from countries as far away as Greece. Do you think people stand with their backs to a wall when a German band makes it to Athens?

But those are just minor bickerings. It was a great night with great bands and great people. Let`s hope this place stays open a while and the people let a little more loose next time…

Thanks to Stefan, the FAMILY MAN gang and everybody else for managing the place and to Andi Thrashbastard for bringing the bands!